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Disclaimer: The stories on this page won’t always make you smile for a happy ending or a sweet union of lovers, they will make you ponder, introspect, and evolve through reality.

Lockdown Shorts #3

I am good. My daughter? Yes, she is as naughty and chirpy as she looks when you catch a glimpse of her through this window. Incorrigibly mischievous, huh! And husband – he’s one busy man! Always up to his elbows with work and meetings and yes, occasional cigarette breaks. Yeah, I know you caught him […]

Lockdown Shorts

Lockdown Shorts #2

Avinash stood under the stream of cool water, numbed and devoid of thoughts. His eyes remained fixed on the striped marble ahead. For the first time, he was noticing the crack strewn across it. The water rolled down his bare torso and the pain rose up to his head. It’s when the headache seemed unbearable […]

Lockdown Shorts #1

“See our kids look happy,” Raju smiled. The happiness, however, didn’t reflect on Madhu, his wife’s face. “I hope you remember we have got nothing to feed them tonight.” Her voice was but a muffled inferno. Raju looked at the sewing machine in the distance, a layer of filth blanketing it. Tears brimmed in his […]

The Good Old Days (1 min read)

I remember starting my first blog in the name of ‘Sreeblogs’ because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let people know it was me, Chirasree Bose.


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