Lockdown Shorts #3

I am good. My daughter? Yes, she is as naughty and chirpy as she looks when you catch a glimpse of her through this window. Incorrigibly mischievous, huh! And husband – he’s one busy man! Always up to his elbows with work and meetings and yes, occasional cigarette breaks. Yeah, I know you caught him drinking the other day. But well, that’s not a crime…you see, men do that. And…and by the way, he’s got so much work! You know he manages a big team of young engineers and it gets messy at times. So honestly, I don’t blame him. But then, we do spend quality time together…we laugh…watch movies…bake chocolate cakes…play scrabble…we…we are perfectly good…happy.

Ah, I know you must be wondering why the room is always dark during the evening. Actually, the light hasn’t been working ever since we moved in. Sometimes it comes on, sometimes it doesn’t. Due to such intermittence, the electrician has given up on it as well.

Huh. What? Why it’s only when it’s dark that I decide to walk in and stand by this window? Oh, I…I enjoy the darkness. It’s serene…and helps with the migraine too. Plus, the sky looks beautiful from here.

Oh okay, you’ve to go? Good night!


Another night, another day gone. You didn’t see me, did you? I should be happy that you didn’t. That my words convinced you once again. But deep down I was hoping against hope that this time you’d see through me, my lies. That you’d ask me about the muffled shouts every night. About my little daughter’s going silent all of a sudden, maintaining distance from her father. I thought you’d ask me about that night when he lost his cool and literally threw me at this window. I thought you’d ask me what happened, if I was hurt. That finally you’d catch me lying to your face about finding peace in the darkness. That you’d know that in truth, I was only hiding in the dark, silently wishing that someone someday would take note of the wounds on my face and body.

They would, right? You would. I hope. I can only hope…

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