Big Announcement

Hello friends,

Okay here’s an announcement I am very excited to make. It is as much for me as it is for all of you. I know many of you like to see stories, hear stories or sometimes, be told stories. In our busy lives, it is not always that easy to take the time out and read a tale unless we’re really into reading. 

ShortTells is an initiative by me to tell my stories to people through my own voice. I know there’s plenty of room for improvement in terms of presentation or other related stuff, however, if this effort of mine keeps you engaged for 3 mins, kindly support it so the future improvements don’t go unwatched. Subscribe my channel – ShortTells with Chirasree Bose – on YouTube and like the video. I promise I will come up with more exciting tales at the soonest.

Here you go –

ShortTells with Chirasree Bose – Memories of a Broken Umbrella


Chirasree Bose


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