The Good Old Days (1 min read)

With over 16 drafts left unfinished (some comprising less than a couple of words) in my blog, I was left to wonder if I at all missed those old days of blogging. And yes, I did. There would be mornings wherein I’d wake to the sweet chimes of notifications from my blogger friends. That used to make my day. With time, my focus shifted, truth be told, but heart remained with this space that gave me a lot of love and encouragement.

I remember starting my first blog in the name of ‘Sreeblogs’ because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let people know it was me, Chirasree Bose. With time that came out in the open though. Still, I was reluctant. Even my near and dear ones didn’t know that I wrote everyday.

Time has changed. So have things. I have managed to write and publish two books – my two beloved babies. But well, if you ask me, those days of writing short stories, poems, etc. and publishing them on my blog were too special to ever ebb from my memory with time. They remain as strong as they were in their times. Keeping up with the blog became difficult at several points in time, however I could never really let go of it.

Names changed. Domains did too. But the stories, poems, little random write-ups – they still occupy the vastest space on my blog. And they always will.

Today I thought of sharing my feelings about one of the most special memories of my life – the story of my initial blogging days. Hope you have enjoyed reading. Let me know what else you’d like to read.

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Chirasree Bose

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