Done with her

Review of my book😇


“Love is an easy emotion, it seems now, but lust is not. You think you have tamed it. But think twice. Have you?”

Initially, this very line in the 1st paragraph left me wondering what this novel is all about- Is it a simple love- lust story with a crime scene or does it recount the readers about Karma that hits back?

Do you believe in Karma?

This story is all about a village girl who decides to assail those villainous beings who wracked and ruined her life.

One fine day in office, Avesh Mathur meets his new hot and stunning colleague “Spreeha Pandey”. For a moment or two, Avesh was aghast and timid, all at the same time, as he managed a glance of Spreeha. Why won’t he? He found an uncanny resemblance of Spreeha and Chanda which recalled him of his past that he always wanted to obscure.

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