Done with her ( Kindle ebook review )

Review of ‘Done With Her…’

Solitude and Books

Author – Chirasree Bose

Book length – 53 pages

Price – 49/-

Cover is good . Title brought curiosity to my mind as the word ‘subconscious’ is there .

It is a debut novel by Author while is a thriller crime suspense tale of a young lad techie avesh who is so intrigued about this new girl at his office who simply reminds him of someone else. The resemblance is numbing yet he cannot figure out what happening. The girl too thinks she knows this man from his past. The twists and the mystery the author created in the pages is very interesting and grips the attention of the readers till the book ends.

The narrative style is very captivating , makes reader keep turning pages.Beautiful use of good words gave depth to the backdrop and situations.

The intricate way of explaining the moments made me almost visualize the protagonists…

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