Done with her

Another review of my debut novel ‘Done With Her…’

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Review #32

Book : Done with her
Author : chirasree Bose
Page count : 53
Rating : πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Blurb :
Avesh moves to pune to start everything fresh. He gets a job there with the help of his best friend Vrijen.

Avesh and Vrijen were hiding something. They did something In the past which no one should know.
Meanwhile, he’s attracted to a girl working in his office, Spreeha.
She reminds him of someone.
But who?

Sometimes lust can cost you a life.

Something happened in the past which is now haunting them.

The past will never let them go and they’ll have to pay for what they did.

Will they be able to save themselves?

Read the book to find out what happened in the past and whats gonna happen next.

Review :

🌟 Its a short story and will keep you glued to it till the very end.

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