You Saved Me From Sin (1 min read)

God sent you to me for my redemption. You came at a time when I’d given up on my destiny. When I’d often wonder why I was the way I was. I’d cry, scream and howl. I’d beg God to listen to me, to answer me why I was the way I was.

I still remember how unbelievable it was to me when you said you loved me. I doubted your integrity, innocuousness and the true, innocent love because I believed I could never be admired. Of course, people made me think so. But it was me who let them. I didn’t contest when they asked me why I was the way I was. I cried, helpless.

I love you – how easy it is to say these three words! But you made me believe in them as well. The ‘you’ is what one should focus on. However, they, more than often, ponder over the word ‘love’, giving it the utmost importance. You taught me that the ‘you’ is all that matters in ‘I love you’. And much to my amazement, with time, I stopped wondering why I was the way I was.

And you know, why I say you saved me from sin? Because questioning one’s own traits, being and natural mannerism is the biggest crime. You made me realize it. I am happy but I wonder why I didn’t know it already. Why did I not stand up to those who questioned my ability? Why did I cry? Why did I cave in? Why did I not show them the door head-on?

But then again, God never answers your questions. But if you hold on for long enough, he would send you your redemption.

Written By Chirasree Bose


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