Let It Be Incomplete…(1 min read)

I had a dream. A dream that looked too real to be a dream. And then before I knew, it turned into a reverie. Something that I lived every day, every moment of my life. While I daydreamed, I saw you standing across the street, staring at me while I remained oblivious of your eyes on me. And then, I looked at you, our eyes met and the world around us stopped. Everything froze except you and me. And that’s where it ended. Every single time.

It looked real, indeed! Still it was too far-fetched. For I had dismissed our love myself. Because it’d always seemed impossible. The story woven by us had always sounded incomplete even to my own ears. If the reality was so implausible, how could the dream be true?

It came true. It did. One fine morning, I walked out of my house, looked right and left to hail an auto-rickshaw, and suddenly stopped hearing my name being called out. Looking ahead, I saw a face – familiar yet slightly different – staring right at me. It was you. Then, you waved. Apparently I had frozen. The whooshing cars, the blaring of horns, the clamour of a busy evening – nothing drew my attention. Auto-rickshaws stopped and left. To me, the world had stopped.  Our eyes fixed on each other. Yours looked a little confused. And mine, no doubt, blank. 

As I crossed the street, every step of mine foundered. How could a dream have come true? A dream cherished by someone as mediocre as me had just come true. That day seems surreal even today, after all these years. But now when I reflect, I realise why it came true. Because neither you nor I had ever given up on our story. It had sounded incomplete, yes, but how could it have been complete so early? It’s still being woven by us…and it would be…till we take our last breath…

Written by Chirasree Bose


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