A Note To Love…(1 min read)

How glad I am today to say I am a selfish woman. And I must add, it doesn’t take guts to say this. All it takes is experience. Not pleasant though. Hurtful. Heart-wrenching. And soul-crumbling. It takes honest tears – wild enough to push through the hardened emotions, yet silent and suppressed – to say that I am a selfish woman.

You know why I am glad to say this? Because I have been selfish enough to choose my own path. Because I have been headstrong about walking on it as well. Because  this phrase ‘giving up’ never really inveigled me. I have seen daunting cracks on this path. But if a dream doesn’t scare you a little, is it worth fighting for? I walked around the cracks with immense faith in my God. Trust me, he never failed me.

And when I chose this path, I somehow knew I’d get to the destination. You know why? Because it didn’t seem far. How could it? A hand was in my hand, pulling me forward. A pair of eyes were fixed on mine, assuring me of endless love. And a silence prevailed, carrying utmost comfort, when our lips spoke nothing. 

And most importantly, I succeeded because it was not just my dream. It was yours too. Yes, I am selfish. And I am glad to say I have been selfish enough to have gone against all odds to share a dream with you.

Written by Chirasree Bose

9 thoughts on “A Note To Love…(1 min read)

  1. Excellent!

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  2. and that is not should not be a real issue then should it?

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  3. Wow! Amazing powerful write dear! Neatly portrait in the blog… beautiful! Inspiring keep it up! Have a beautiful day and night! Cheers 🍫🍪🌿☕

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      1. My pleasure always dear ❤️

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