I forgot you…(1 min read)

People say it’s not easy to forget someone. But in today’s time it is.  At one point, you forget someone…just like that. You meet new people. You meet someone who, with time, becomes your world. And life seems good again. The pain ebbs away and you don’t think of him as often as you did before.

You might name it a fact. You might say this happens. And then you indulge in the joy of this new stage of life. You say you have moved on. Days pass, months and then years. You make a perfect little home for you.  And you wonder how happy you are. You wonder had the past not happened, would the present be so beautiful?

And then you wake up one day. It’s just another day. You walk across the road to hail a cab. And all of a sudden a smell – familiar yet unknown – permeates the air around you. It’s pure. But it stifles you. It’s known to you. And you know why. But this fact seems to be snatching your breaths away. Isn’t this how he used to smell? Oh, no. You’re wrong. This is how the world around both of you smelt when your hands brushed…when your hair fluttered…when his lips curled into a bashful smile. And when he asked, ‘do you love me?’

Do you remember what you replied? ‘Yes, I do…and I will…forever.’ The forever ended as his life did. That world disappeared. Time changed. The smell waned.

You get into the cab. The smell is now gone. But then, something strikes you. How does the very fragrance that once meant the world to me seem to smother me now? Is it because I’m fighting it? How does a forever end? Have I killed it?

You roll the window down. The air rushes in. So does the smell. And it leaves a hint of red on your cheeks. Your lips curl into a smile. And you realize the forever will remain alive in your heart…forever and ever. It’s not easy to forget someone. It never is.

Written by Chirasree Bose


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