We Aren’t Together… (1 min read)

I often wonder whether you look at the same star that I see when I stare into the sky. We aren’t together. And when I reflect on it, I ask myself, ‘were we ever together?’

People often told me you were my weakness. That my vices are imbued with your love. That it wasn’t love. It was blindness. That I accepted you in spite of your limitations. That it was moronic of me to have let myself fall for you. That I should’ve been careful. That I should’ve adhered to the social taboos. Yes, they are taboos but they help decide whether we, as women, are good or bad. They help decide our future. People often told me giving in to my heart was a mistake.

And you know what I replied? I said yes, it was my mistake…to have let you go…to have not fought for our love…to have got scared of being tagged as a bad woman…to have given a damn about the chauvinist entity called society. 

I often wonder whether this gust of wind brushing against my face is truly riddled with your smell or, is it just my imagination? Yes, we aren’t together. But now when I introspect, I tell myself, ‘our story hasn’t ended…not yet…the sky, this wind, that star – they all are somewhere conspiring to get us together again…all over again…’

Written by Chirasree Bose


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