Thirteen And A Half Letters Part 5 (Genre – Drama)

Missed Part 4?

18th May, 2013

You’re 16 now. You’re slowly entering that stage when a girl evolves into a woman. So right at the beginning, let me tell you that you are no princess. Neither are you a queen. Don’t let people call you either of them. Be a human. Do all that a human would do. Don’t cry for sympathy because you’re a woman. Don’t hate men just because they belong to that species. Happy Birthday.

He somehow always knew what I needed as a girl…a lady…and a woman. It seldom happens that a father does all this for his daughter. And a mother is away. I sigh.

18th May, 2014

Now that you’re 17, you should know something about heartbreaks and love. It’s heavenly to fall in love. To give someone your heart. But you shouldn’t sell yourself out to receive the same in return. Losing yourself is not love. And dear, every single person will break your heart. That will only shape you into a mature person. Be thankful. Happy Birthday.

I had a heartbreak at that age. Now it seems really frivolous. But back then it hurt me. And to some extent, this letter helped me get over it. It seemed he was always watching over me.

18th May, 2015

You’re 18? You’re now an adult. What difference do you feel today? Nothing, right? Maturity doesn’t come with age, degrees and freedom. It could come even within the confines of four walls. With no degrees to flaunt. And at the age of 10. Be a mature person. Not an irresponsible adult. Happy Birthday.

Somehow I always understood what he meant. I paved my path with his words. But I always wished Mom was there to walk by my side.

To be continued…(Final part coming up tomorrow)

Written by Chirasree Bose

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