Thirteen And A Half Letters Part 4 (Genre – Drama)

Missed Part 3?

18th May, 2010

Saying goodbye is the toughest thing. Especially when you know you aren’t going to see them again. You’d want to hold on to them…cling to them. But just as past and present can’t walk together, some people can’t walk the path with you. Let them go. Happy Birthday.

I lean against the window. Saying goodbye to her was the toughest. Mom. She’s no more. It’s her funeral today. A tear drops off my eye. And it takes me to the words inscribed on the seventh letter.

18th May, 2011

You’re 14 now. Life is changing fast. You’re coming across aches that cannot be treated with medicines anymore. Your screams are now silent. Crying in public doesn’t seem graceful. Why? Are you ashamed of your tears? No. You’re just scared of public reaction. If you’re hurt, cry. If you’re scarred, scream. If you’re happy, smile. Don’t look to people for validation. Happy Birthday.

I sit down on the floor. Tears flood my eyes. I wish I could go back in time and see Mom for one last time. I want to say sorry. I failed her as a daughter.

18th May, 2012

Dear, parents will always forgive you. How can they not? You’re a part of their existence. But remember, they are a part of your existence too. They aren’t God. They are human. They make mistakes. They make wrong decisions. They fail. They aren’t perfect. And sometimes they too need your forgiveness. Happy Birthday.

His words always put this world in a different light. He’s the reason why this society could never bind me with the chain of its taboos and prejudices.

But what now? I know there won’t be any letter this year. I pick up the ninth one with a shaking hand.

To Be Continued…(Next Part coming up tomorrow)

Written By Chirasree Bose


  1. You know not just the story and the way you presented it, is beautiful but also the teachings of father are very touching in itself and are more mother like than father like but yet beautiful messages 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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