Thirteen And A Half Letters Part 3( Genre – Drama)

Missed Part 2?

18th May, 2008

Are you studying well, dear? I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m asking this boring question on your birthday. Being a typical Dad, huh? No, I wouldn’t ask you to be a topper. Neither would I like if you failed in the exams. Educate yourself, daughter. Studying and being educated are completely different. Education will make you a real human. While cramming the textbooks would instill prejudices and preconceived opinions into your mind. Happy Birthday.

I grew up reading his words. While Mom stayed mostly busy with her office work, I spent time reading his letters over and over again. I resented her as much as I loved Dad. But I wish I’d known her enough. The rain has stopped now. I can hear birds chirping like it’s a new morning. Like it never rained.

18th May, 2009

How do you handle your likes and dislikes, dear? Likes are easy to deal with, no? What about dislikes? Strong dislikes? Do you discuss it? Do you express your reproval about it? Do you say no? If not, then start. Do you stand against wrong? It’s scary, I know. But if you don’t, someone else would stand against the right and make it seem wrong. Happy Birthday.

This letter scared me. But also it filled my heart with a strange determination. I never hesitated to say no. Saying it never seemed wrong again. I walk up to the window and peek down at the lawn. People have started coming. There’s a funeral today at our place.

To be continued…(Next part coming up tomorrow)

Written by Chirasree Bose

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