Thirteen And A Half Letters Part 2 (Genre – drama)

Missed part 1?

18th May, 2006

In the past one year, you might have wondered why you lost your Dad. Why you couldn’t meet him. Why death has taken me away from you. Why you? Right? Dear, there’s no way one can elude death. Likewise, there’s no way one can escape pain…misfortune…and agony. You’ve to accept it. Live with it. And move on to a place from where you can see the approaching happiness. Happy Birthday.

I wipe my tears. The rain has slowed down. People who were standing under the shade across from our house, have started to walk out on the road. I see a little girl, holding her mother’s hand and jumping on the sloppy street. She’s smiling. She’s happy. Why did I never have such a moment? Because Mom was never there for me. She was always away…always.

I come back to my bed and unfold the third letter.

18th May, 2007

I know how your life would be now. You’re 10. My little baby isn’t a baby anymore. She’s growing. Fast…very fast. She’s coming across new feelings, experiences and people. She’s changing. And that makes her feel scared and think that she’s alone. Are you? Yes, you are. You’ll always be. Unless you find a friend within yourself. And start talking to that friend. You’ll never be alone anymore. Happy Birthday.

I take a deep breath. Dad was always there for me. His words never left my side. And yes, I found a friend within me. I still talk to her. Am I alone? No.

I smile lightly and look down at the letter flapping at the edge of my fingers.

To be continued…(next part coming up tomorrow)

Written by Chirasree Bose


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