Don’t Dream Then (1 min read)

We all talk about the importance of having a dream in life. About being passionate about it. And about not giving up no matter what.

Do we really mean the ‘no matter what’ part? Why most of us only cherish our dreams but never go all out for it?

Is it because you might have to leave that sumptuous life which promises to fulfill all your materialistic wishes but that one dream? Or is it because you’d be called insane, stupid, loser, irresponsible by a very important entity called society?

Most of the time, it’s only because your own people wouldn’t stand by you. Because they’d criticize you the most. And might just turn away from you.

Ask yourself one imperative question then – what’s the worth of your dream?

If the answer is others’ validation of it, you don’t deserve it, trust me!

But if you feel its worth is nothing less than your own life, go for it. Remember, those who have opinions on your life, might be lacking some on their own.

Written by Chirasree Bose


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