You Are Not Likable (1 min read)

Day before yesterday I caught myself thinking of a person I had once disliked no end. It was a couple of years ago. I was younger, a little more impulsive and sensitive. But come to think of it, I would have disliked them as much now. And when I asked myself why, the prompt answer was they aren’t likable. Likable?

If that’s true, why aren’t they hated by all? Why only me or probably a few?

Is it because I’m judging them based on my perception of a good human? Now who is this good human from my perspective? It’s none but me of course. Because that’s the extent of good I can imagine. The good in others would be analysed, judged and hence considered a facade to cover for the bad in them by me.

It’s so difficult to think of a person as not bad or hateful and still dislike them, no? Because somehow we have to justify our dislike towards them. From time to time, our subconscious questions us as to why we dislike this person. Why we did whatever we did to them out of hate. Whether there was a pinch of mistake on our part as well. And hence our conscious mind, in its constant battle with the subconscious, derives a conclusion that they aren’t likable. So easy, right?

Simple and easy to explain. Gives us a peaceful sleep every night. No scruples. No sudden realization. And an immense pleasure – that of the ability to judge the good and bad in others. But how long?

Written by Chirasree Bose


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