The Perfect You (1 min read)

I thought being human was the toughest. But recently while writing a story, I came upon a realization. Isn’t being an angel, a doll, a princess, a fairy or a queen way more difficult?

Well, the story was on a girl saddled with the prejudices of men in her life. No, not on feminism or against men or anything else like that. We girls often forget that our fight is against the prejudices, the deep ingrained mentality and often ourselves.

We like being called doll, angel, princess or other fancy names. We love the pampering. We think we’re special. We believe we should be treated in an extra special way. And those who don’t, they claim to be queens. Which only perches them at a much higher level. Don’t we realize that these all, eventually, lead to the idea of perfection?

Do we want to be perfect? Do we want to live a life as visioned by others? Why be imposed with their expectations whereas we can have a life filled with our own?

You don’t have to be called those names just to come across as strong. I’d rather be someone who’s simple. Who smiles a lot. Who laughs at those who tries in vain to undermine her. Who takes risks by trusting people, then smacks her head and calls herself stupid. How good it is to fail, and then win, and then again topple over a bumper and get up and keep walking!

Be human. Try not to put too much focus on your gender. On the opposite gender. Or anybody else for that matter. Focus on your dreams, your own capabilities. And most importantly, ask your loved ones to not call you those names. You might think it’s their love but in truth it only fuels their vision of a perfect you. Live a life as envisioned by you, not others.

Written By Chirasree Bose


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