Where Is The ‘YOU’?

Being writers we often talk about heart and soul. About the mind. About our feelings, emotions, love, hate, life and death. We attempt to guide people as to how they should maintain a balance between the head and the heart. We feel it’s our responsibility to spread cognizance.

But what is cognizance? Is it derived by your brain from experiences? Or is this what your heart learns every time a person inhabits it? You may say yes, that’s cognizance.

I say no. It’s not. What your brain derives is what others ingrain in it. Then quite invariably your heart rebels. Because that’s its innate nature – not accepting what the head says. And it creates a theory that’s solely based on your own limited knowledge or someone else’s whom you follow blindly.

Does your soul come to your rescue here? Sure it does. It takes you to the right place. To the right person. To your destination. Really, does it? What’s the right place? Who’s the right person? And what’s your destination?

The right place is where the real ‘you’ is hidden. The right person is ‘you’. And the destination is where you realize that the ‘you’ is hidden. Yes, the odds are that you still don’t know it. You think your heart, head and soul can lead you there?

What are they if not merely three words invented by us, humans? We’re good at creating conflicts. That keeps us so engrossed that we never ponder about ourselves. About who we are. And what we’re capable of.

Being writers we often talk about heart and soul. Today let’s not do that. Let’s talk about something which can lead us to finding ourselves. It’s our subconscious. And It fortunately is far far away from human influence. Dig into it, peek inside yourself, take time out before it runs out.

Written by Chirasree Bose


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