Have You Seen My Sister? (2 min read)

Chapter 1

I was in a coma for two days. People think you’re nearly dead when you’re in that stage. But now that I’ve come out of it, I can say I’ve never felt more alive. I could sense everything around me. I heard a lady crying, a man talking to me about things which didn’t make any sense. I heard a small girl calling me Ma. My eyes were closed. It seemed they all knew me. Yet I seemed to know none of them. I could hear the veins in my body pulsating. My heartbeat had never been more prominent. But in spite of all this, I craved to hear only one voice. The voice that I last heard before the fatal accident. My sister’s voice.

Chapter 2

Seven days back me and my sister had met with an accident. I was driving the car. It was near a roundabout when a truck suddenly hit our car. It instantly flipped over. I don’t remember much after that. My sister Shilpa was seated next to me. I remember looking at her before closing my eyes.

I came out of the coma five days back. It took me a while to acknowledge that I’m in a hospital. I could identify the Doctor and the nurse from their uniforms. But rest all that surrounded my bed were unknown to me. A little girl, a man and an elderly lady. I guess they were the ones who would talk with me while I lay conscious in a coma.

The first thing I asked was about my sister. To which they exchanged blank glances with each other. Then they dodged the question and asked me if I recognized them. I said no. And the elderly lady broke into sobs.

Chapter 3

That lady is my mother. The man is my husband and the 5-year-old is my only kid Samaya. That’s how they all introduced themselves to me. I remember none of them. They all look tired and deeply hurt. They’re making rounds of the hospital day and night hoping to find a slight ray of recognition in my eyes. But I fail them again and again.

Next day I asked them about Shilpa again. They looked uncomfortable. I asked them if she was fine. They remained silent. I expressed my desire to see her for once. To which the discomfort in their faces grew intense.

Their reticence has started to scare me. Where is she?

To be Continued…

Written by Chirasree Bose


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