Aren’t We Ugly? (1 min read)

Image by Bikurgurl

When you look at the sky – those orange tinges, the scattered clouds, the horizon smeared with rays of the rising Sun – all you feel is bewilderment. Do you wonder how it espouses so many different shades in a day?

And have you not noted how water reflects every color it stumbles upon, yet blends with its oddity with so much ease? All you’ve done is revel in the view.

If you’d strained your ears, you’d hear them as well. They embrace diversity. Nature doesn’t question it.

Isn’t that why mankind looks so ugly? We balk those that differ from us.

Written by Chirasree Bose for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 77


  1. A bit tough. Did you meant nature doesn’t hesitate to accept all the differences among them like human beings or you just wanted to say nature is beautiful 🙂

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