A Beautiful Lie (1 min read)

I took a long drag and let the smoke out; as it twirled in the air before my eyes, I lifted the glass to my lips only to find that it was empty. I muttered curses and turned to leave the balcony, when I heard a slight creaking sound – that of a door opening. I turned around.

She came out on the balcony, opposite mine. Leaning over the railing, she looked up at the starry sky. A faint smile crossed her lips. She looked a little sheepish. Is she unaware of her immense beauty? I wondered. A woman so incredibly pretty would usually be all puffed up. A minute later, a tall and broad-shouldered man came out onto the balcony behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. I felt a twinge inside – that of jealousy.

Taking a long puff, I watched them indulge in a passionate kiss. I’d been watching them for a couple of days now and my envy was slowly turning into rage. What wrong had I done to not deserve a life like that? Why had nobody ever loved me so passionately?

Memories of my three failed relationships came flooding back at that moment as the tears found their way out.

A lonely, envious, frustrated 35 year-old bitch isn’t it what people call a woman like me?

Next day I woke up to the stink of alcohol and smoke, my head throbbing and eyes swollen. Lighting a cigar, I came out on the balcony. As I was about to go back inside, my eyes darted to the balcony facing mine. Much to my surprise, I found her already looking at me, her gaze cold and frightening. However, what truly gripped my attention was the dark patches around her eyes and the bruises on her cheeks. Her eyes, it seemed, were shouting to me. Just when the tears were about to cloud her eyes, she turned around and soon disappeared behind the red curtains.

I wish I had a life like yours – is this what her dead eyes told me that day?

Written by Chirasree Bose



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