…And Vanilla Cake Got 300 Likes (2 min read)

This morning I sat down to write something about her on the ‘Mother’s Day’ greeting card and my mind went blank. It’s still blank after a good thirty minutes. It was my husband’s idea. He does it on every mother’s day, instead of calling up his mother and wishing her flat out. I warned him thousand times that my mother is just not like his – poised and modern.

In fact, she is the opposite. I give up, toss the pen and pick my mobile to dial her number. She answers. I flash a big grin, preparing to wish her.

‘Hello, Mom, happy moth…’ I begin in a singsong voice.

‘You know what,’ she cuts me short. ‘I was just talking to Mrs. Mittal and she can’t stop bragging about her son’s Facebook status from last night.’ She chuckles.


‘Her son wrote a long tribute of sorts and posted it on her timeline with a childhood picture of him. And she says it’s got some 100 likes.’

‘Oh, that’s sweet.’

‘What sweet?’ She sighs heavily. ‘Instead of wasting time in writing that boring tribute, he could easily utilize it to ring his mother, no?’

Well, my mother is a bit old-fashioned. She still isn’t accustomed to the digital life. I try to correct her. ‘Mom, it’s mother’s day! Everybody does that.’

‘Yeah right. On one hand he’s too busy to give her a call. On the other hand he has all the time in the world to type out a 200 word Facebook post.’

I look at the flashy greeting card lying on the bed and then at my husband. He is biting on his pen cap to brainstorm a sweet poem for his mother. I splutter a giggle picturing how my mother-in-law would react to this. She would probably take a drum roll and go around the neighborhood reading the poem out loud.

I smile and say, ‘I’m coming over, Mom. We’ll bake your favorite vanilla cake.’

Written by Chirasree Bose


  1. Lovely. Yes live life is more important than digital life. We didnt have mother day concept (for that matter any day concept) during our days. We just loved our mom each day

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  2. Beautifully penned Sree !!
    There’s no one way of praying or of loving someone. But the thought and gesture matters and should be acknowledged for every relationship.

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