Happily Married Or….? (1 min read)

Have I been completely honest with him? No. The word ‘completely’ is the most deceptive of all. You only achieve something completely when you don’t fear giving yourself away. And to do that, you have to crumble the beliefs that you had earlier instilled into your partner’s mind about yourself. Which in turn, might make the roof of your seemingly perfect household cave in.

What are these beliefs? The ones which made me seem like someone he was capable of loving – someone who is airhead and perfectly domesticated – someone whom his male chauvinism was able to accept.

But what if my perception of his mind set is wrong? What if these all are false beliefs ingrained in my brain by him? What if it’s a facade masking his unspeakable insecurities?

We’ve been married for ten years. Happily married. Or should I say happily cheated by each other?

Written by Chirasree Bose


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