…history might repeat itself( 1 min read)


‘I’ll come back,’ I said, to which she replied, ‘I know’; caressing my head, she planted a kiss on my forehead; tears flooded her eyes when I looked back at her sticking my head out of the car window.

I kept my word and came back; now I was standing in front of the door where I had seen her standing and waving goodbye 10 years back. But why is it locked…

I ran next door and knocked impatiently; an old man in a wheelchair came out; as I introduced myself and asked about her, he laughed mockingly for some time; I could not smother my irritation any longer and asked, ‘what’s wrong…tell me where my Granny is’; he turned serious and went back inside the house; he came back a minute later, handed me an envelope and said, ‘your father had sent me the money to perform your Granny’s last rites after I informed him about her death…he said he was caught up in work so wouldn’t be able to come down here…go back and ask him to keep it in case he himself needs it some 20 years later.’

Written by Chirasree Bose for Three Line Tales, Week 97


    1. Okay let me try to explain…his grandmother was abandoned by his father. When she died he didn’t came to see her one last time or to perform her last rites. He just sent some money to her neighbor to do that on behalf of him. But the neighbor didn’t spend that money. He saved it and now gave it back to the grandson asking him to return it to his father. 😊

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