A wonder (1 min read)

‘Mom, see I’ve captured the fireball in my hands,’ screeched my son from the bedroom.

I came running, sweaty and stinky from cooking since morning, to find him jumping on the bed. His nanny gave me a helpless look.

‘Ayush, sit down!’ I shouted over his screaming voice to shush him.

He abided; just as I turned to leave, he shrieked, ‘you’re just like them!’

The nanny came near and whispered, ‘some boys in the neighborhood made fun of him saying he has down syndrome. He’s upset since…’

I looked at him. He had his nose scrunched up and lips puckered; his hands started trembling as he continued to fume. He stamped his foot and looked away.

I walked over toΒ my 16 year-old son and stroked his hair. As his hands began to relax, I sat him down. ‘Only someone possessing more power than the Sun can hold it in his palms. And people who can’t, will always look down on you. Yes you’re different…because you’re not ordinary. You’re a wonder, my son!’

Written by Chirasree Bose forΒ FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 30,Β 2018

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Goroyboy!


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