It was our anniversary (2 min read)

Rolling over in her bed, Ria half-opened her eyes. Her lips curved into a smile. ‘Happy anniversary!’ She said and sat upright in her bed. Slipping out from under the blanket, She scampered to the door. Before stepping out, she looked back and smiled. ‘This year I will surprise you.’

She took the day off. Her soft hum filled the entire house. She texted their friends, family and colleagues, ordered flowers and baked his favorite chocolate cake. Thereafter she picked up the phone to call the dinner in, when it flashed her best friend’s number.

She took the call.

‘I saw your message.’

Ria smiled. ‘Come a little early. I need your help in setting up the lights and…’

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ Her best friend cut in.

Ria continued humming. ‘Of course.’


‘It’s our 5th anniversary. And it’s my gift to him.’

Everybody arrived on time. Ria greeted them with smile. Some shot her questioning looks, some looked with pity and some simply murmured. She paid no heed. By the time everybody left, it was almost half past eleven. Tired and exhausted, Ria entered her room.

‘Did you like it…the gift…the surprise?’ She parked herself on the bed.

She smiled looking sideways. ‘This is what you wanted, didn’t you? It took me 4 years to realize your words –Β this day will bring tears to your eyes every year…it’ll give you hundred reasons to grieve for…but remember on this very day we’d joined our hands and uttered the vows together.

Tears ran down her cheeks. She took the photo frame off the bedside table. ‘Every year on this day I cried, sitting on this bed, holding this photo of yours, sniffing your clothes and flipping through our wedding album. It was impossible for me to get past the ruthless fact that on our 1st wedding anniversary I had lost you. The grief was so enormous that I almost forgot your last words. You never wanted people to shed tears, put garlands on your photo or chant their remorse.

So today I made sure none of these happened. You liked the gift, right?’

Written by Chirasree Bose


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