A F̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ Tale of Love ( 2 min read)

Fairy tales always fascinate us. Because they’re perfect, enchanting, surreal and most importantly they make us believe in happy ending.

There was one such girl who madly believed in the fairy tales that her Granny narrated her. It wasn’t long before she met someone. She fell for him, so did he. Her search for a fairy tale life was complete for she was now living one. Little did she know that reality was too real to be surreal like a fairy tale.

Her belief was shattered into hundreds of pieces when he left her for another girl.

Years passed. Now she was a grown-up woman. She met someone and the sound of her own heartbeat amazed her. It took her by surprise when she realized that her hope for a fairy tale hadn’t died yet. But the trauma of her first failed love hadn’t left her either.

Love eludes the one who values it the most – she swallowed her feelings for him and walked away.

A year passed by. Her battle with love was still on. The walls she had built around herself could not be penetrated by even the slightest ray of affection.

One day a man turned up at her door. Her mouth fell open the moment she saw him.

‘I’m here to seek your forgiveness.’ He lowered his head.

A tear rolled down her cheek. She jerked away from him. The piercing twinge in her heart deepened. She turned around and made a dash for the door.

‘I regret leaving you for her!’ He shouted behind her.

She paid no attention. She ran, ran and ran. It was never about him…it was always about my expectation of a perfect, flawless life…but life is meant to be real…instead of making peace with it, I challenged everything that life threw my way…even my own feelings for the man who truly loved me…

She stopped, her breath heavy and quick, eyes flooded with tears.

‘I would’ve waited a lifetime for you.’

She turned around hearing the voice. There stood her prince charming, her one true love.


Every ending, be it happy or sad, is the beginning of a new chapter.

Written by Chirasree Bose


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