The unlived fairy tale life…( 1 min read)


‘Let’s get married,’ Akaash said, sliding a ring on her finger; her eyes grew moist, but she managed to smile; swallowing back the lump that had formed in her throat, she softly uttered, ‘you don’t have to do this just because…’

Akaash put a finger over her lips; ‘I’m doing this because we both dreamed of this together,’ he grabbed her feeble hands and kissed them gently.

‘Yes,’ she said and after a few seconds of silence, added, ‘we did…but now that I’m dying, I don’t dream of it anymore…’; Akaash raised his eyes to meet hers; she continued, ‘…I’ve come to realize that marriage won’t give me any more than I already have…I already have you, Akaash…but will you fulfill one last wish of mine?’

He nodded silently, his moist eyes fixed onto hers; she smiled faintly and said, ‘I want to lie under the open sky lit up with hundreds of sky lanterns…and I want you by my side…I’ll put my head on your chest and we’ll talk about the life we could have together,’ tears flowed down their cheeks while their eyes remained locked.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Three Line Tales, Week 92

9 thoughts on “The unlived fairy tale life…( 1 min read)

  1. Aw, but death is cruel!

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    1. Yeah right☹️

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  2. Kind of longing love….loved the love story!!

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  3. In deciding what’s wrong what’s right we forget that all we have is here and now….

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  4. Wow…what a plot sree. ..😄😄😄

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