Forever starts now( 1 min read)

She hugged him tight. ‘Stay a little longer,’ she uttered softly.

He ran his fingers through her hair while she buried her face in his chest.

A tranquil silence filled the air around them until her soft sniffles broke it a minute later. Looking down at her, he broke the hug.

She raised her moist eyes. ‘Thank you…’

A tear rolled off her left eye. She paused.

His questioning gaze remained steadfastly on her.

…for all those days when I was afraid to look in the mirror and face myself but you never took your eyes off me…for all those nights that I had spent pretending to fall asleep and you silently wiped the tears away…for that afternoon when I refused to talk as we walked together, but you, even for a moment, did not let go of my hand…for all the mornings when I was curled up in bed questioning every belief of mine and then you parted the curtains lightening up my world,ย she thought and smiled. Then she added, ‘…for being there…always.’

He smiled sensing every unspoken word of hers.

Written by Chirasree Bose


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