Those little wandering eyes( 1 min read)

photo by Austin Chan via Unsplash

Sometimes all you need to do is recognize the sign you’ve been looking for all along.

Ten years back I met a little boy sitting quietly in the last seat of a bus, clutching his tiny car toy, legs pulled up to his chest; for reasons unknown, those little wandering eyes gave rise to an urge inside me to start a conversation; I asked him what he was doing all alone, to which he replied, ‘they say nobody wants to adopt me…so I’ve set out to find someone who would…,’ a sudden rush of tears flooded his chubby red cheeks.

I flashed back to the days when I was his age – lost and depressed, craving for parental love and attention; apart from cursing life and hating myself, I’d done nothing more with my life; ‘I will,’ I uttered; those twinkling eyes were everything I’d been seeking all along.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Three Line Tales, Week 89


    1. Writing about death is my own way of expressing the reality of life😊😊 seta to choltei thakbe…can’t help😄 thank you🙏


  1. Ohh my god you write so well…I m a student and could not afford to pay for anything on this website.. I m just writing or blogging to get me attached to the world to share my feelings… Plz plz tell me how to make my blogs interesting… How to add photos ..?? Cover page and all the stuff..u are best!! I will be glad if a experienced person like you helps me out!!!!

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    1. Don’t worry. You will slowly get the hang of it. There’s a lot of free themes available on wordpress, which you can use to design your website. And when it comes to adding pictures to your stories, I would suggest that you get them from Google images. No matter what you write, it’s always good to add a featured image. Best of luck😊😊

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