Do you still…( 2 min read)

‘Do you still…’

The voice at the other end trailed off.

Arshi remained silent for some time, then hung up.  She knew the answer wasn’t a simple yes or no. But it was not this question that niggled her heart. She wondered why she’d phoned him after all these years. No, it was not closure that she needed – Arshi knew that. Then what is it?

She was in her bridal attire, sitting before the mirror and all she could see was her questioning eyes, trying to convey the screaming voices in her heart. I’m happy…but…, she swallowed back a lump, …but…

‘Are you ready?’

Arshi turned around, hearing her Mum’s voice.

‘You look upset.’

Arshi shook her head. ‘I’m happy, Mum…it’s just that…’

‘…Some old memories turn that happiness into guilt, right?’ Her Mum completed.

A tear dropped from her Arshi’s eyes.

‘Let me tell you one thing, dear,’ she continued, ‘it’s your acceptance that will set you free. Moving on doesn’t mean that you erase your feelings from the past, it just means that you allow your heart to make space for the future.’

‘But…what if…’

‘The ‘but’s and ‘if’s don’t change the fact that you’re happy until you let them. It’s your choice whether you spend all your life trying to bury the past or proudly carry it in your heart.’

Wrapping her arms around her Mum, Arshi let the tears wash away all the guilt from her heart.

Written by Chirasree Bose


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