A little regret( 2 min read)


My heart skipped a beat; I stopped walking. The voice was well-known; the memories flooded my mind in a flash.


Inhaling deeply, I turned around. There she was, all smiles. ‘Ipshita!’ I uttered, faking a smile.

She came forward, grinning broader. ‘How’re you?’

After the pleasantries were done, we entered a Cafe nearby. While she blabbered on about her life, I just nodded silently. Is she faking it too, I wondered, stirring my hot cappuccino.

‘Are you okay?’

I nodded again, absently.

She sighed heavily. ‘I thought it wouldn’t be awkward anymore…but…,’ she paused and watched me for some time, then added, ‘It’s been quite long…I mean…7 years…and-and…’

‘And we got over each other…moved on…got married…blah…blah…blah.’ I interrupted. Our eyes met for the first time. ‘But there’s still something that stings my heart.’ I added.

She looked down at her cold coffee. ‘What’s that?’

I looked out through the glass wall. ‘We could’ve saved our relationship. We genuinely loved each other, didn’t we? But…’

‘But we let each other go.’ Ipshita completed. ‘That day after I’d hung up on you, I expected you to call back. I waited for that one phone call for months, Arnab!!’

I turned my gaze to her. ‘You did? Actually I wanted to call but…but…’

She laughed faintly. Suddenly her face turned serious; stealing a quick glance at her mobile, she got up. ‘I’ve to go.’ She said, heaving a sigh.

‘You could’ve called too, right?’ I stood up.

‘Yes I could. Both of us could, but we didn’t. Because maybe deep down we both knew that the cracks in our relationship were non-repairable.’ She smiled and added, ‘sometimes a little regret is better than a life full of disappointment, Arnab.’

Written by Chirasree Bose


  1. Yes…being in true deep love does not always mean that two people will be good partners as well.. :)..Love and compatibility are not the same things..and few relatioships ​lack one of the two..!!
    beautiful writeup..!!

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  2. This was a pleasure to read, but I just wondered, she knew that he’d a disappointment and so she gave up, then after 7 years she saw him in the streets and so curious to talk and have a cold coffee….like seriously? If I was the girl, I would’ve told my child to call him “mama”….stupid girl!😂

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  3. It’s difficult to define, accept and reciprocate some emotions. And people often comfort themselves by trying to justify the reality. Good one

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  4. A lovely write up as always Sreeblogs. I especially love your sign posting of how long it will take to read through each post👍. I enjoy reading through your posts so I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award ☺https://wordpress.com/post/aweni.net/5395.

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