Stop tapping, Start talking( 1 min read)

The hoarding outside the shop grabbed my attention. I stopped – ‘Stop tapping, Start talking‘.

I pulled the glass door to peek inside, when a girl emerged out of nowhere and snatched my mobile. Before I could react, she said, ‘ma’am, your time starts now.’


‘All you have to do is talk with others like you…It’s 40 bucks per hour and you have to leave all your gadgets out here with me,’ she smiled.

My jaw fell to the floor.

‘It’s a therapy to get people to start talking again, so the next generation isn’t born dumb.’

Written by Chirasree Bose for A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017(You’re on your way to work and a new, strange-looking shop has opened over night.  You are drawn to it and go in but what – or who – is inside?  Tell us in less than 100 words.)


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