The Wedding Album( 1 min read)

‘He’s no more, Akangsha’ – the words echoed in my ears again and again, my head spun; I looked around for a place to sit but my sight started getting blurred. I stretched my hand out and opened my mouth, but I collapsed onto the ground.

‘Are you okay now?’ – the words suddenly hit my ears, my head still felt dizzy. A couple of seconds later, when my vision was clear, I replied, ‘yes’. I looked around.

I was lying on a bench inside a shaded bus stop. I sat up seeing the teeming crowd around; their inquiring eyes were fixed on me.

I gulped down some water,Β isn’t this the same place where we used to meet every day before marriage,Β a sudden flood of memory hit me, bringing a lump to my throat.

Rishav is dead,Β the thought stung my heart. Feelings for him were long gone. But then what was it? What was burning inside me? What was aching so badly? Why was it so unbearable that the tears streaming down my face refused to stop as I walked back home?

Slamming the door behind, I walked over to my cupboard. I’d hidden it away under a pile of clothes – the wedding album. Why had I not thrown it away after our divorce?


Written by Chirasree Bose


  1. I liked the way you conveyed the main character’s turmoil through this piece. You did well to convey that in so few words. I did have some trouble following the action though. It felt like some transition scenes had been edited out. I’d love to have known how she ended up at the bus stop (or if she didn’t know, I’d like to have seen her confusion about that — it would have added to the feel of her disconnect with the news). It would also have been great to see more of an interaction with someone in the crowd gathered at the bus stop — who handed her the water? Who asked her if she was okay? If you decide to rework this piece, I’d love to see it at the weekend showcase!

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