What’s stopping you?( 2 min read)

Rohan slammed on the brake and the car came to a stop with a creaking sound, ‘hey…are you mad?’ He screamed, sticking his head out the window.

There stood a girl, in her twenties, wearing jeans and a red tee, hands outstretched on both sides.

Without waiting for his reply, she got into the car, ‘please drop me at the junction up ahead,’ she grinned, her eyes twinkled.

Rohan sighed heavily and started the engine. He could sense her eyes on him. As he turned to her, she grinned broader, ‘I’m Prerna’.

‘Rohan,’ he turned his face away. She, however, kept staring at him. Finally, feeling irritated, he glared at her, ‘what?’

‘You were trying to commit suicide,’ her face grew tight.

The car stopped abruptly as he hit the brakes hard.

‘Why didn’t you pull the trigger?’ She added.

His eyes dropped; he grabbed the steering wheel tightly and swallowed hard.

‘You know…,’ she suddenly pushed open the door on her side, ‘you saved my life today…I was about to jump off the cliff when I saw you standing in the far corner holding a gun to your head. Suddenly there was this voice inside me…it said – stop him. I was stunned and s – scared…I looked up but you weren’t there…I ran -‘

Rohan cut in, ‘I couldn’t pull the trigger…,’ he banged his hands on the wheel, ‘I – I’m a coward.’

She got out of the car, a broad smile filled her face, ‘I didn’t need a lift, I just wanted to know what stopped you.’

‘Even I want to know,’ he murmured, a frown clouded his face.

‘Do you really want to die?’


‘Got your answer?’ She smiled and slammed the door.

Rohan stared at her in awe until she rounded the corner to the left.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #135 – August 31st – Princess Charming



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