When shall we meet again? (1 min read)

‘…so when shall we meet again?’ I asked after she turned around.

She looked back, her eyebrows scrunched together and a smirk crossed her face – ‘what?’ she said aloud.

Her eyes made me uncomfortable again, I shifted my gaze away, and then cleared my throat trying to form a reply in my head.

She turned to me and continued, ‘don’t tell me you’re seriously thinking of it…’ She laughed mockingly.

‘No…I meant…can we not be friends…’ I paused, realizing I had come up with a stupid excuse.

She smirked again – ‘being friends with someone you had a one-night stand with isn’t really a good idea…and that’s what we decided, remember?’

I sighed,Β it was a mistake…you knew what was going to happen…still…,Β the words repeated again and again in my head.

‘Yeah…we did…’ I muttered and met her eyes; last night when I saw her I was surprised, rather spell-bounded. The ache in my heart was replaced by hope in no time, although deep down I knew I was making a mistake. She was not who I wished her to be.

‘So? What changed your mind now?’ She asked, waving her hands before my eyes in an attempt to bring me back from my thoughts.

‘Hope…undying wish…of seeing her again…to feel her again…’ I blurted out, staring blankly into her eyes.

‘pardon?’ She made a face.

‘You should leave.’ I lowered my eyes.

She shrugged; ‘can I ask you something?’ She uttered hesitantly.


She continued, ‘the way you look at me, it’s strange…I mean…it seems you’re seeking someone else in my eyes…’

I met her eyes again – ‘you look like my dead girlfriend.’

Written by Chirasree Bose.


  1. Just when I was thinking that nobody dies in this one, I read the last line πŸ˜‚
    Tum karlo population control mortality rate high karke .. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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