Dishonesty isn’t always a choice( 1 min read)

His eyes narrowed; he refused to give them money; the little beggar boy and his sister in a wheelchair moved to the next person in line.

‘I’m sure she can walk…frauds!!’ The man shouted, glaring at them.

The boy froze up; his heart beat faster.

His sister held his trembling hand tightly – ‘Would you believe if we said that our mother’s dying? You’ll ask for proof and if we show one, you’ll say it’s fake. We aren’t dishonest by choice, sir…we’re forced by circumstances. How else do you think a 9 year-old and a 7 year-old would save their mother?’

Photo By Bikurgurl

Word count – 100

written by Chirasree, a dreamer for – 100 Word Wednesday: Week 20


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