An evil game( 1 min read)

As soon as I saw him entering the diner, I hurried to the back door.

Hello darling…’

I sighed and turned to face him.

‘Dear wifey…I missed you terribly…why did you run away?‘ His evil eyes glinted menacingly.

I swallowed hard.

‘The cops are waiting outside…they need you to identify a dead body…

Dead…‘ I gulped.

They think it’s your lover…someone murdered him…poor thing!! you know who did it, right?‘ He laughed out evilly.

I whispered in his ear, ‘thanks darling…as per his will, his entire restaurant business is now in my name.

Image Credit Jesse Williams

Written by Chirasree for 100 Word Wednesday – Week 23!

Word count – 100


  1. I was really worried for her, as it appeared she’d be his next victim — she found a way out, unexpectedly — or perhaps expectantly — through her lover. Fantastic twist! Thank you so much for joining us again this week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This guy is her ex husband. He hunts her down and kills her boyfriend. But then she reveals that it actually benefited her because now her dead boyfriend’s entire business is in her name 😊✌️


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