Was it you?( 2 min read)

My phone rang for the umpteenth time; it must be Mom, I hurried my steps.

My hands were busy holding the umbrella tightly. The rain gradually turned into a storm.

The road was hauntingly empty. Apart from a small roadside tea shop, there was nothing else. Every few minutes, the lightning and crashing thunder sent a chill down my spine.

Just 10 minutes more, I muttered under my breath and looked around. I’d been avoiding the road ever since…

– Barbara Florczyk

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I quickened my pace. The footsteps got louder. I was about to turn my head back, when I heard some boys laughing and hurling abuses behind me. I started running when all of a sudden the sounds stopped.

I turned around and saw the boys standing in a distance. They stared at me in awe, eyes filled with horror.

I turned back and decided to run. But something stopped me, my legs froze, a cool breeze fluttered my hair, a well-known smell filled my nostrils. I felt a finger running down my wet face. ‘Nisha…,’someone whispered into my ears.

‘Rihaan,’ my heart skipped a beat, ‘are you here?’

A cool breeze passed through my ears.

I’d been avoiding the road ever since my husband had died in a car accident on it.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Photo Challenge #178


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