Let’s confess( 2 min read)

‘It’s still raining hard outside…,’ Rishi closed the window shutters and turned to me.

I rolled my eyes and heaved a deep sigh; ‘this is the last time we’re meeting before…,’ he stopped.

I wasn’t paying attention to him. The ongoing thunderstorm worried me, I’ll miss the bus, I stole a quick glance at my wristwatch.

He continued, ‘let’s play a game…,’ a grin crossed his lips. As I threw him a sharp look, he added quickly, ‘…until the rain stops.’

I sighed and looked away.

‘It’s called the game of confession,’ he said.

‘Confession!’ I raised my eyebrows.

He grinned broader, ‘yeah…now that we’re getting divorced, why not confess whatever we wouldn’t have otherwise?’

I gave a sardonic laugh, ‘this is stupidity…I -‘

He interrupted, ‘I’ll start…I never quit smoking even after swearing on you,’ he smirked.

‘I knew that.’ I curled my lip.

‘I had a crush on my best friend Avi’s wife…’

I shrugged my shoulders, ‘so?’

His eyes twinkled, ‘…and we two used to flirt with each other whenever you guys were away.’

‘For your information, your best friend’s been hitting on me since college,’ we both laughed out loud hysterically.

Just as we stopped, I got up from the couch, ‘I think the rain’s slowed down now…I got to leave,’ I said.

His face suddenly grew tight; as I grabbed my bag and turned to leave, he said, ‘I’ve got another confession.’

I nodded.

‘I want you to stay…I’m sorry for whatever -‘

I shook my head, my eyes dropped and I hesitated, ‘I left because I never loved you and I got tired of acting like I did…I wish I’d confessed it before our marriage,’ without meeting his eyes I left.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Saturday’s Mix–26 August 2017



  1. Love doesn’t happen many a times on it’s on daily to the same person over the years but one has to choose to love each day and add meaning to life.
    It’s just like happiness. It would rarely happen on it’s own until you chose to do things that make you happy
    As long as two people are committed to take care of each other they are sorted for life.
    Just a thought in current situation

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