Let’s stop by a cafe( 2 min read)


I turned back hearing my name; ‘Sia!!’ I exclaimed.

After an exchange of pleasantries, we decided to stop by a Cafe for a quick chat.

‘It’s been so long!!’ She rolled her eyes; I chuckled at the animated expression on her face and nodded.

‘So…how’s life?’ I asked after taking a sip of my cold coffee.

She faintly smiled, the sudden change in her expression surprised me; thereafter she took a long sip of her tea as if to avoidย meeting my eyes, ‘how are the wedding preparations going?’, she asked.

‘It’s called off’, I shifted my eyes away quickly.

She instantly put her cup down on the table and leaned forward, ‘whaa…’, her voice trailed off.

‘He was cheating on me’, my eyes dropped.

She put her hand over her mouth – ‘oh God! You guys seemed so perfect!’

I forced a laugh, ‘perfection is nothing but an illusion.’

She nodded, seemed a bit hesitant, then quietly said, ‘I left my husband’s place’;ย I looked up at her.

‘He used to beat me. Even his family…’, her voice choked; I put my hand on hers; she looked away as her eyes shone with tears.

She sniffled, ‘but the good thing is we’re single again’, she winked and broke into a laugh.

‘You’re incorrigible’, I widened my eyes.

‘Why did we leave them in the first place? To live a better life, right? So let’s enjoy every bit of it…’, she shrugged her shoulders.

I nodded as a grin crossed my lips; it seemed as if we were back to our high-school days.

Written by Chirasree Bose


  1. Nothing is better than a friend who can actually step in to your shoes and realize what you are going through.Well expressed.

    Liked by 1 person

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