Where am I??( 2 min read)

I can't breathe; my throat feels dry, sweat drips off my face and hair; I need waterI open my mouth but no word comes out of it.

Where am II slowly open my eyes; it's completely dark; I've never been in a more horrendous place.

It seems I'm sitting on a chair, but where am I…am I in my roomquestions arise; I think the power went offI sigh and get up from the chair but…

My hands are tied together. I vainly struggle against the rope. Something is wrong…I have to get out…I'm trappedI try to shout but my voice chokes.


I run here and there but it seems there is no door, how is it possible…where am I…suddenly tripping over something, I fall to the floor.

I can't feel any pain but there's a sound, it's coming from far away, isn't it my phone?…

I sit up in my bed, ohh….it was a dream!!, I heave a sigh of relief, grab the bottle and gulp down all the water in it.

I fumble for the light switch next to my bed, where's the damn switch, I mutter curses; my phone starts ringing, Hello, I answer it.

'What if this is a dream?…What if that was real?…Either way you're trapped…', the voice on the other end breaks into a mad fit of demonic laughter.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Photo Challenge #175


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