It’s not the last letter, right?( 2 min read)

Finally Anshu showed up; her eyes told me she had what I had been waiting for. I heaved a sigh of relief and stretched out my hand.

My sister handed me the folded paper, her face looked haggard, eyes dropped; I swallowed hard – ‘is he…’, my voice trailed off.

She looked up, her eyes shone with tears; turning around, she dashed out of the room.

With trembling hands I unfolded the paper –

How are you, Shriya? I’ll keep it short today…

This is exactly what I wished for you. Anshu told me that Abhinav is a very good guy…

But I won’t lie… yes, I’m not happy. The very first thing that occurred to me this morning was to go stop your wedding, but…

Our story will end with this ‘but’, I guess.

Don’t worry…this is not my last letter…I think I’m gonna live for few more days.

You’ll get the last letter after I’m gone…that’ll be my goodbye…

I hope you remember your promise – you’ll never look back.Β 

My heart would break into pieces every time I read his letters, but this time it gave me a hope, a hope that he was still alive. I pressed the letter against my chest and broke into tears.


Anshu peeked inside the room at her sister – ‘four days back he gave me two letters and told me to give you this one on your wedding day and to not give you the other one until I’m sure that you’re in love with your husband…’, tears rolled down her cheeks, ‘he passed away this morning…maybe he sensed that he’d, but he wanted you to know that he’s still alive so you can start your new life with a hope…’

Written by Chirasree Bose.


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