The day I met my husband( 1 min read)

He cleared his throat, finally breaking the awful silence prevailing for the last few minutes.

I looked at him, then shifted my eyes quickly, my palms sweating profusely.

‘I was surprised when you wanted to meet me’, he forced a laugh.

I furrowed my brows.

‘I’ve been rejected by 5 girls. You see I don’t look good, neither am I rich and you’re so elegant…beautiful…so naturally…’, he paused.

I nodded, my eyes roaming around the Cafeteria.

‘Do you like birds?’ I asked suddenly, looking at him.

‘Yes…’, he bumbled, his confused eyes fixed on mine.

‘So…what would you do if you see a beautiful bird?’

He frowned, opened his mouth but I interrupted.

‘Won’t it be great to have it caged so it can’t fly away?’

‘I’d rather watch it fly…’, he replied in a confused tone.

I smiled nervously, I’ve never heard a more perfect answer, I muttered.

‘Well, I can build a home so the bird can rest when she’s tired of flying…’ He added flirtily.

Written by Chirasree Bose.


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