When she diaries – Page 3

When was the last time I gazed at the stars?

I can’t remember…

There was a time when I’d spend hours staring at the sky, wondering if the cloud was looking like a Dinosaur or a Rabbit. Funny, huh?

Yes life was fun back then. But isn’t it supposed to be fun throughout?

Probably you’d say that the innocence inside us is lost. We’ve grown up. But what does innocence have to do with growing up?

Don’t you still believe in magic…think twice before you say no.

Don’t you still wish for a miracle….

Don’t you still hope that the next morning would bring something good into your life…

Don’t you?

You do, we all do, but we’re afraid of accepting it. Because our innocence has been proved wrong again and again…

Now I’m looking at the sky, but there are no stars. The clouds look neither like a Dinosaur nor like a Rabbit. I guess it’s time to believe in magic again, what say?



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