When she diaries

I’m looking for a miracle. Do you know where to find it?Ā 

They say there is no such thing as miracle. if you want something, go get it, fight for it and when you trip get up again. But whom do I fight with? Life? Destiny? Myself?

They say there’s no such thing as destiny. But then who decides how long I should fail before I succeed?

They say failure is essential to success. What is success? when do I call myself successful? Is it when I’m satisfied with my life?

But we are never really satisfied, are we?

As the saying goes – ‘everything will be alright in the end.’ But what really is ‘the end’? How far is it and what happens after that?

I’m not happy, I’m not successful, I’m fighting with each and every tiny little voices inside my head. yet I don’t feel like giving up, not just yet. Is it a miracle?



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