The rain, the night and the promise( 1 min read)

‘What makes you so romantic today?’ She asked, playfully pushing him away.

‘Why…am I not?’ He pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her waist.

She giggled; he kissed her gently on her lips – ‘I love you’, he whispered.

Looking surprised, she asked, ‘do you even remember the last time you said it?’

His cheeks flushed; he smiled shyly – ‘what…did I say something?’

She gave him a nudge and buried her face in his chest.

Suddenly the rain started pouring down again. She shivered as her clothes got drenched and he hugged her tight; she looked up – ‘You’ll never leave me, right?’

‘Mom…let’s go…visiting time is over.’

The words startled her, bringing her back to the present; she looked back at her daughter.

‘We can take Dad home tomorrow.’ Her daughter added.

Getting up from the chair next to the hospital bed her husband was lying on, she asked, ‘but…what about his treatment?’

‘There’s nothing more that Doctors can do now Mom, he’s in the last stage of Alzheimer’s…they said it’s better that he spends the last…’ she paused, her eyes dropped, ‘I’m waiting outside’, her daughter added and left the room.

Looking back at her husband, she held his hand tightly and broke down in tears.

Shaking his head, he’d replied, ‘I won’t…even death can’t do us part…’, then kissing her on her forehead, he added, ‘I’ll be next to you…holding your hand forever and ever…’

Written by Chirasree Bose.


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