The last wish( 2 min read)

‘What brings you here?’ Asked Ria closing the door after Dishant stepped inside.

Dishant mumbled something, his stare blank and eyes lowered.

Ria motioned him towards the couch – ‘Sit’; she added, ‘will you have something…Tea…Coffee?’

He shook his head silently and then sat down on the couch, his eyes roaming aimlessly.

‘How’s your health now?’ Asked Ria, sitting down opposite him.

He nodded his head, his eyes still lowered, hovering over the carpet.

‘You shouldn’t have come alone…when did you get discharged from -‘ Ria was interrupted by Dishant.

He muttered, ‘have you forgiven me?’

It took a while for her to process his words; thereafter she retorted, ‘no.’

‘Will you ever…?’ Dishant asked quietly.

Ria was about to say no, but words stuck in her throat thinking of his condition. She remained silent.

But her silence had answered his question; he raised his eyes to meet hers – ‘can I see Dia?’

‘She’s sleeping.’

‘I won’t wake her up…will just watch her from a distance.’

Ria nodded reluctantly; ‘What did the Doctors say…I mean…’ She hesitated.

‘You mean how many days I have left?’ He smiled, then added, ‘a month or two.’

She remained silent.

‘I know you hate me. I was an abusive husband and a horrible person. I deserve this pain. I’m not even worthy of your sympathy…but I’ve a request…’

Ria scrunched her eyebrows together; what does he want now, she pondered.

‘Can I spend the rest of my days with you and Dia?’ He looked away and blinked his eyes to prevent the tears.

Ria shook her head, opened her mouth to say no but his teary eyes stopped her again, I can’t go through all that again, she gulped.

He continued, ‘please let me try so I can die with less regrets. I’m being selfish again, I know. But I want our daughter to have some moments that she can cherish when she grows up…we never had a single father-daughter moment…’

‘You can’t undo the damage you’ve already done to our life, Dishant…but yes, I don’t want her to hate you. You, as a husband aren’t worthy of my sympathy, forgiveness or anything for that matter. But it’s your daughter who can decide what you are worthy of as a father. You can stay here with her till – ‘ Ria stood up and left the room.

Written by Chirasree, a dreamer.


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